About the PCSCanCom Foundation

The Philippine College of Surgeons Cancer Commission Foundation (PCS CanCom) is a nationally recognized institution, duly registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission. Founded on December 2, 2019. It carries a vision of achieving multidisciplinary quality cancer care across all regions and sectors in the Philippines.

Its mission is “to promote value-based, high quality cancer surgery and research.” through a multidisciplinary approach. Projects done by the Commission will be in consonance with the provisions of the Universal Health Care Law and the National Integrated Cancer Control Act.

The RunningShield Pancreatic Cancer Fund

Purpose: To fight against pancreatic cancer.

Vision: To be a community that helps save lives and advocates for patients with pancreatic cancer.


1) To adopt a holistic approach by working collectively with various stakeholders in the fight against pancreatic cancer.

2) To provide reliable information and patient support by creating and sustaining the pancreaticcancer.ph (pancan.ph) online resource site.

3) To raise awareness and lay education on pancreatic cancer prevention, screening, early detection, timely diagnosis, integrated management of pancreatic cancer.

4) To improve the quality of life of patients with pancreatic cancer through patient support.

5) To empower the public to become their own best healthcare advocates.