About us

Patrick's family and close running friends invite you to join The RunningShield Run: a virtual memorial run in honor of Raul Patrick "RunningShield" Concepcion.

Raul Patrick Concepcion logged a total of 127,810 km in his 42 years of running. He documented his running adventures in his blog, runningshield.blogspot.com and social media accounts.

His essays, photos and almost daily posts inspired runners and non-runners alike to stay active and pursue their passions. Patrick believed in embracing every moment with deep appreciation and a healthy dose of humor.

Although Patrick posted his last run on November 4, 2022, we believe that his legacy should continue.

Patrick once shared "Life is Good, Running Made it Better".

In RunningShield’s memory, we aim to promote running as a way to find peace, joy, and purpose in life.